Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves 1.2

An animated autumn-special screensaver for your desktop which includes a clock
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Golden Leaves is a simple animated screensaver to decorate your desktop for this special season, fall, which has often been associated with a feeling of melancholy. This screensaver recreates the moment when leaves start to fall, in a well done animation that will be a good decorative item for your computer, inviting you to relax. Apart from the animation, the application features a clock which is available in two different versions, analog and digital. Besides, there is a number of features that we can configure, such as the size of the image, the screen resolution, and video mode. You can also choose the way in which you want to exit the application, either with a mouse move or the key ESC. It would have been great, though, if the program had included some music, or sounds. However, it doesn’t even allow us to add our own playlists, which loses it points. On the other hand, there is a constant nag screen that shows up every minute.

The full version of the application offers a fully-featured screensaver, free technical support, and free lifetime updates.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Nice animation


  • Constant nag screen
  • Has no music
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